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 Mirabella Martial Arts is a great Tae Kwan Do program. My son loves being a part of the classes. He is making friends and is learning not only technique but ways to focus more and to be more respectful to others. Master Mirabella is very welcoming. He is wonderful with the kids and adults too. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a martial arts program.

 My son was reluctant to take martial arts classes for many years.  However he's never looked back since taking his first class with Master Mirabella.  He absolutely loves going to class every week.   Mirabella's patient and caring approach has helped to build my son's confidence and determination.  Without a doubt I recommend anyone to try a class with Mirabella Martial Arts.  You will not be disappointed.

 Master Mirabella is Great Martial Artist with over 30 years Experience. He trains Directly under  Grandmaster KANG. I can't think of a better place than MMA  for Staten Islanders to learn from one of the Top Instructors at TKT.  Master Mirabella Is Knowledgeable,  Traditional and just Awesome.
Sbn Mel G 

 Highly recommend Mirabella Martial Arts!  My son has loved going since the first day.  Master Mirabella is highly effective with any age or experience.  5 stars!

I have known master Mirabella my whole life, we grew up together living only a few house away.  One day he said that he was looking to join TKD and why don't I go with him.  So we went together and signed up.  I stayed with it for a few months and only made it to my yellow belt but master Mirabella continued on to this very day.

He always said that he wanted to open up his own school and I told him that if he does I will be there and be his first student to join.  That day came and there I was. Now three years later with master Mirabella training I am a first dan black belt  and still going strong.  Master Mirabella commitment and dedication to taekwondo past on to me over the years and got me to where I am today.  Not only is he a great TKD teacher but a great friend too.

Chris Cappello